Masturbation Addiction

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Masturbation addiction, also known as compulsive masturbation or hypersexuality, is a condition characterized by an excessive and uncontrollable urge to masturbate, often to the detriment of one’s personal, social, and professional life. Like other forms of addiction, it can lead to negative consequences such as:

  1. Impact on Relationships: Excessive masturbation can lead to neglect of personal relationships, intimacy issues, and conflict with partners who may feel neglected or insecure.
  2. Negative Impact on Mental Health: Compulsive masturbation can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and low self-esteem, especially if it interferes with daily functioning or conflicts with personal or religious beliefs.
  3. Physical Consequences: Over-masturbation can lead to physical discomfort or injury, including irritation or injury to the genitals, loss of sensation, and fatigue.
  4. Time and Productivity Loss: Spending excessive amounts of time on masturbation can interfere with work, school, or other important responsibilities, leading to decreased productivity and potentially jeopardizing one’s professional or academic success.
  5. Escalation of Behavior: Over time, individuals with compulsive masturbation may find that they need to engage in increasingly extreme or risky behaviors to achieve the same level of arousal or satisfaction, which can lead to further negative consequences.
  6. Social Withdrawal: Some individuals may withdraw from social activities or isolate themselves to engage in masturbation, leading to feelings of loneliness and further exacerbating the addiction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with masturbation addiction, it’s essential to seek help from our  qualified mental health professional or therapist through ayurveda .we are treated lot of patients under guidance of Dr Ravindra Borade sir who is leading Ayurved consultant in Pune . Treatment may involve therapy (such as cognitive-behavioral therapy), support groups, and, in some cases, medication to address underlying psychological issues or imbalances contributing to the addiction. Remember, seeking help is the first step toward recovery, and you’re not alone in facing this challenge.


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